FREE entry to watch all SOLO events during the EIsteddfod.

The cost of door entry is included in competitors entry fees.

Choirs, Instrumental Ensembles and Dance Troupe Weekend are the only exceptions.

Ways to purchase dance troupe weekend tickets at the IPAC will be determined before the event and will be in line with COVID Safe Rules and Public Health Orders which apply at the time. This may include on-line directly from the Eisteddfod and/or through the IPAC box office facility. It should be noted that rules may change at short notice.

Door tickets to Choirs and instrumental ensembles sessions will be $10 for everyone 12 years and over.



The Eisteddfod operates in four conveniently located venues within the Wollongong area.

Two of the venues are located near each other in the CBD and are a handy walking distance to accommodation, entertainment and shopping facilities.

To assist visitors to Wollongong locate these venues refer to the Venue Maps below.                        

Why not use the free Gong Shuttle to the Uni and Conservatorium - download route map information

CBD Venues Refer map 1

  1.  Illawarra Performing Arts Centre
  2.  Wesley Church & Auditorium
  3.  Centro CBD

CON Venue Refer map 2

         Wollongong Conservatorium of Music  
             (also includes CBD venues)

FAC Venue Refer map 3

         Figtree Anglican Church  
             (also includes CBD venues)

Venue Map 1Venue Map 2Venue Map 3