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Please only contact us for printable entry forms if for some reason you cannot access the STARDOM entry system.
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2023 Syllabus

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Please direct entry enquiries to: Rowena for Dance on 0409 566 348 and Catherine for General on 0416 033 621 (3.30 - 8.30 pm on weekedays)

NOTE: Updates and changes made since first issue

0) 09-01-23 R0 Initial Issue.

1) 10-01-23 R1 Corrected minor typographic errors.

2) 09-02-23 R2 Modified group drama numbers, fixed minor typos and formatting, added detail for news reading, simplified ballet repertoire varions lists.

3) 07-03-23 R3 Added rule for ballet repertoire variations to be limited to specific repertoire sections.

4) 03-04-23 R4 Updated junior piano venue, clarified age definitions for senior vocals sections and accompanists requirements.

4) 09-05-23 R5 Updated some sponsor adverts.


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