Dr Taliesin Coward

Dr Taliesin Coward MMTA, MMC, is a performer, teacher, musicologist and founding member of the internationally recognised chamber orchestra Camerata Academica of the Antipodes. Taliesin is a multi-instrumentalist, performing on violin, viola and guitar and is also a singer, with his credits including soloist, musical director for chamber music and music theatre, arranger, and guest artist for the Australian Society of Composers and the Solomos Society. He has been recognised in particular for his arrangements and performances of 19th century virtuoso violin repertoire (Criticks UK), and his research into interpretative theory and presentation practices. Taliesin was awarded a PhD in Musicology by the University of New England for his research into the presentation skills and strategies of virtuoso musicians and master magicians. Alongside his performances as a musician, Taliesin is also an expert magician, creator of Sydney’s exclusive Classic Conjuring close-up magic show, and member of London’s Magic Circle, for which he has lectured on 19th century performance practices and Romantic aesthetics. His research has been published by the University of Otago (NZ) and in the popular press, and Taliesin is a regular presenter at international musicological conferences. Taliesin holds Music Teachers’ Association (MTA NSW) accreditation and maintains an active teaching studio in Sydney.



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